Major Changes to Social Security

Last week the House and Senate approved a budget legislation that will end two popular Social Security claiming strategies: “filing for a restricted claim of spousal benefit” and “file and suspend”.  The trustees of the Social Security System finances predicted that in this year’s annual report they will run out of money by 2034.  According … Continue reading Major Changes to Social Security

Past Surprises and Looking Ahead

  Isis penetrating through the Middle East.  Russia invading Ukraine.  Oil prices sinking to the lowest levels since 2009.  Europe showing signs of recession.  In spite of these surprises, the US stock market rose to new all-time highs last year.  It is said that the market climbs the wall of worry.  Well the world has … Continue reading Past Surprises and Looking Ahead

It’s Greek to Me

      This metaphor traces back to the Shakespearian play, Julius Caeser, when a conspirator quizzically ask about Cicero’s attitude towards Caeser’s bizarre new regal behavior. Going into Sunday’s referendum, Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, in a call for patriotism appealed to his citizens to vote no. The consensus from the news stories … Continue reading It’s Greek to Me

Staying Calm During Challenging Markets

  We have seen some volatility in the market over the last few weeks. Some of the newscasters on TV are sensationalizing the recent downturn; however, we are keeping it in perspective.   The volatility can last for a period of time, however, our focus remains on the ultimate objectives of our clients.  The US economy … Continue reading Staying Calm During Challenging Markets